Simplification questions for class 6 with answers and practice questions with PDF

Simplification questions for class 6 For simplifying an expression , the order of performing the various operations should be strictly in  the following order : (i) Brackets               (ii) of        (iii) Division           (iv) Multiplication      (v) Addition        (vi) Subtraction Remember the word ‘BODMAS ‘  , where the letters  B, O, D, M,  A,  S stand for Brackets , of,  Division,  Multiplication,  Addition  and  Subtraction  respectively.  Simplification questions for class 6 with answers:  (i) Simplify :      12-[20÷{8-2(9-5-2)}] Sol.    12-[20÷{8-2(9-5-2)}]=  12-[20÷{8-2 x 2}]  …

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