Integers class 7

Integers class 7 It includes all natural numbers , 0  and negative of natural  numbers . It is denoted by ,                                                                                     representation of integers on number line Negative  integers are on the left side of 0 Positive integers are on the right side of the zero 0 is neither +ve  nor -ve. Integers are closed under addition. It …

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Simplification questions for class 7 PDF

Simplification questions for class 7 Different types of questions on simplifications are explained here step by step. Simplification questions for class 7(Solved examples)  (i)16+8 ÷ 4-2 x  3 Sol.  According to the   ‘BODMAS’    rule  we have to perform division first followed by  multiplication , addition and subtraction. 16+8 ÷ 4-2 x  3 =16+2-2 x  3                    ( performing division) =16+2-6                              (performing multiplication) =18-6                                 (performing …

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