Square tricks

In this article , I am going to share few interesting square tricks. These simple techniques  can help you to find the square of a number  more quickly and easily.  Squaring of  numbers ending with ‘5 ‘  The first technique that we will discuss is how to instantly square numbers whose last digit is  5.  Remember , squaring is multiplying a number by itself.  The steps to follow are: Take the number apart from 5.  Multiply the number by the  number that comes after this number when counting.  square the last digit (5×5)  and write 25 after it. Example 1. …

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Squaring of numbers using formulae

Squaring of numbers  means multiplying a number by itself. There are various formulae used in general mathematics  to square numbers instantly. Let us discuss them one by one. (i) This formula is generally use  to square  those numbers which are near multiples of 10.  For example ,  suppose we have to find the square of  2011.  We represent the number 2011 as 2000+11. Thus we have converted it into a form of (a+b) where the value of a is 2000 and the value of b is 11. Now =4044121 Example : find the square of  1009. Sol.  = 1000000+18000+81 =1018081 …

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