Greatest Integer Function

The Greatest integer function is defined as   ,   where    denotes the greatest integer that is less than or equal to . In set  notation we would write this as   . It is also called the floor function  and step function. Example.  ,      and Domain and Range of Greatest integer function Domain of greatest integer function is  ( the set of all real numbers) and range is ( the set of all integers ) as it only attains integer value. Graph of Greatest integer function Let be the greatest  integer function define as    for all Let us …

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Set Theory(NCERT Exemplar )

Here we have given the solutions of  some important questions of chapter 1 (Set Theory) of NCERT Exemplar book . Short answer type questions 1. Write the following sets in the roaster  form (i) (ii) (iii) Sol. (i) On solving the equation      , we get  Thus     . (ii)       gives    which implies Thus  (iii) Since every prime no. has  only two factors 1 and number itself. This implies         2.  Write the following sets in the roaster  form: (i)  (ii) (iii) Sol. (i) On solving   , we get     ,  which implies  either …

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