Real-life applications of integration and differentiation...

Calculus is used in a wide variety of ways in everyday life.

To find the area of irregular shape.

To estimate the quantity of materials required to build structures with curved shapes.

Differential calculus is used by biologists to calculate the precise rate of growth of a bacterial culture.

Calculus is a common tool used by space flight engineers when making long-term plans.

To determine a sports utility vehicle's centre of mass, centre of gravity, and mass moment of inertia.

To calculate the velocity and trajectory of an object.

To predict the position of planets.

Calculus is used by statisticians to analyse survey data and aid in the creation of business strategy for various organisations.

It is used to determine the rate of a chemical reaction.

Calculus is widely used in the study of the transmission of infectious diseases.

Why is 9 an interesting number.