Tips for writing great answers in the forthcoming CBSE Term 2 Board Exam 2022

Write your answers neatly and clearly in good handwriting. The font size should not be too small or too huge.

Maintain the speed right from the beginning

For 2 or 3 marks questions, don’t write long stories. Write, to the point answers and underline important words

It is not necessary to write the answers in the same order as they appear on the question paper. Firstly,  write down the answers that you are certain are accurate.

We know that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in board exams. So attempt all the questions.

Don’t decorate the answer sheet. Only use two pens for the text and headings: a blue pen for the text and a black pen for the headings. You must always use a pencil while sketching diagrams.

The appearance of your paper should be neat and tidy, Make sure your words are properly spaced.

After you've finished the paper, don't forget to double-check your answers on your answer sheet.

All the very best!!!